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Caring for Silver Jewellery

• Prepare a cereal size bowl with a disc of aluminium foil in the bottom of the dish and a few small 3cm squares of foil to float in the water.

• Add in one or two pieces of the silver jewellery you wish to clean.

• Pour over enough boiling water to immerse the silver jewellery.

• Add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and a teaspoon of washing up liquid. The water and ingredients will bubble and you will get an eggy smell which is the sulphuric gases released during the cleaning process.

• Mix the pieces around for about two minutes, ensuring that the silver jewellery touches the aluminium foil. You will notice as the water clears the silver jewellery is now shiny and the foil is tarnished.

• Take out the silver jewellery and add it to a bowl of clean cold water to rinse off the soap and bicarb.

• Dry the silver jewellery on kitchen paper and polish with a clean dry white cloth.