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Can I buy India Mahon jewellery anywhere else?
No, India Mahon jewellery is only available from our boutique in Harrogate or on the website.

I need help buying a gift for someone. Can you help?
Of course we can. We are very happy to discuss your ideas over the phone call us on +44(0) 1423 521161 or email us or pop into the boutique in Harrogate.

What is Vermeil?
Gold vermeil is sterling silver coated with gold that is at least 10 karat and a minimum of 2.5 microns thick. We use 22k gold vermeil, it has a beautiful rich yellow gold colour.

I want to buy a ring, how can I size my finger?
If you buy a ring from India Mahon, we will size the ring immediately free of charge to fit you personally. To find out your finger size, You can email us, or call the boutique on +44 (0) 1451 830676, either way you can ask us to send you a ring sizer by post. If you are in the area you can call into the boutique in Harrogate we will be able to size your finger in person.

Call or email us for one of our quick and easy to use ring sizers.

What is white gold?
White gold is created by mixing traditional yellow gold with either silver or palladium (a metal similar to platinum) to produce the white colour. It’s available in both 9 and 18 karat.

9k White Gold
White gold is created by adding silver, to give the metal a white, creamy colour with a small hint of yellow.

18k White Gold
18k white gold contains palladium to give a rich, dark white gold colour, which also makes it more durable.

Normally white gold is rhodium plated to produce an even whiter finish. Applying a plating of rhodium gives rings a rich lustrous shine, but the plating may need to be replaced during the lifetime of the ring.

White gold rings are just right for people who prefer silver to gold jewellery, but want a more durable, hard-wearing and valuable ring.

I have a favourite pearl necklace, how often do I need to get it re-strung? Will the silk last for years?
If you wear your pearl necklace on a regular basis, we advise that you get it re strung every year to avoid the pearls getting loose and the silk looking dirty We offer a re-stringing (hand-knotting) service on silk, please allow approximately three weeks.